Going through separation and divorce is incredibly difficult. People need to make some big decisions: how much time the children spend with each other; what should happen to the home and where they are going to live. There are an number of options as to how these decisions are reached: agreeing things direct; sitting down together with a mediator; do everything through lawyers or ask a Judge to decide at Court.

Why do people choose mediation?

It allows people to be more amicable and work together to make decisions.

Mediation can be much quicker because people are in control of when meetings take place, rather than waiting months for a Court date.

People retain control of the important decisions that need to be made about their family, rather than handing them over to a Judge.

The cost of mediation can be significantly less than doing everything through lawyers. If there are Court proceedings, the legal costs of this can easily reach £30,000 for each person and can exceed £100,000 where more complicated assets are involved.