Today is  is dubbed "divorce day" by family lawyers and the media and therefore we expect a huge increase in the volumes of calls we receive this week regarding clients enquiring about beginning the divorce process. 

Looking at the increase of enquiries, we question as to why there is a sudden peak on this day in particular and we concluded that it could be that families have tried to keep the peace over the Christmas period, especially when there are children involved and also the added pressure of the financial constraints following the Christmas period causing stress in relationships. There is also the added point regarding New Year Resolutions and that it may be the case that a person has decided it is finally time to do something. Most children went back to school today which could be another reason why people feel they can now move forward.

Although January is a busy month for us, we also tend to see a spike in divorce enquries in September, and can only assume that this is because the summer holidays are over and one party has just had enough!

Either way, making that initial enquiry regarding possibly starting the divorce process is a very difficult step and we as divorce lawyers need to be as informative and supportive as possible, no matter what time of year this is started.