There have been many cases reported recently in respect of 'big money cases' and how the Courts are approaching division of the parties assets. So how will this one differ? 

This case will be an interesting one to follow due to the parties difference in the origins of their wealth. The husband, James Stunt, is allegedly a self made billionaire whilst the Wife is the heiress of well known Formula 1 tycoon, Bernie Ecclestone. 

The marriage is one of 6 years so not seen in the Courts eyes as a substantially long marriage so it would seem a sensible idea to split the assets 50/50. The couple also have 3 children together.

The Wife has now made an application under the Family Law Act to evict the Husband from the Former Matrimonial Home which has been granted today. She accuses the Husband of abusive behaviour and substance abuse throughout the marriage and therefore is most likely to be petitioning on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. It will be interesting to see if she tries to use his behaviour to persuade the court for a more favourable settlement, however we all know the difficulties in using conduct within financial proceedings.

This could be one of the largest divorce settlements in 'celebrity history' with the couple being worth an estimated £5.5 billion. We will be watching intently as to how the Courts deal with these assets.

Watch this space!