Whereas in the past an inability to conceive children naturally was considered an absolute barrier to having a family, the progression in alternative options over the past few decades has been astounding. In particular, surrogacy is fast becoming an accepted and achievable alternative to enable those couples who have experienced difficulty conceiving to have the families they have dreamed of.

Kim Kardashian is not the first to go down the surrogacy route; some of the world’s most famous celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nicole Kidman and Elton John have embraced surrogacy as a means by which to begin or expand their families.

Surrogacy, either traditional or gestational, is legal in the UK as well as in various countries around the world. Dependent upon the jurisdiction, different laws and regulations will apply so it is extremely important for intended parents to obtain legal advice as to the requirements and considerations of their proposed surrogacy route.

With so much progression in this field, it is exciting to think about how many families will benefit from  the alternative options now available to them!