Music to my ears: the most dangerous phrase in the English language "We've always done it that way" may finally be giving way to the realities of the modern age! In his latest published commentary Sir James Munby is calling for the streamlining of divorce processes. Why should those couples who want simple no-fuss divorces have to share the same procedural space and time-line as those in complex, intervention-heavy finances battles.

I have little doubt that within a decade, straightforward divorces will be artificial intelligence-led, digitalised and automated. Pretty much every other process out there, from renewing car insurance to ordering the groceries to choosing your next date, is available at the touch of a button. Why not a simple legal process?

Referring to the 'the lamentable history of procrastination' Munby isn't holding his breath for 'speedy progress' but I'm not sure he's right. The groundswell of calls for change across the board to divorce law indicates to me that the tipping point is near.

Let's see...