What a great idea. 

You and your spouse have reached the end of the road. Its been a great trip, some fabulous highs, lots of winding roads, blind bends and unexpected passengers even, but now, sadly, you've decided its time to bring things to an end and head in different directions. 

What better way to deal with a parting of the ways than checking in here together, so that you can check out, apart. How great to share a purpose, that of untying the  tricky knots and reaching agreement on all the things that mattes, together, in a quiet, designated space, with a safe pair of legal hands.

It might seem pricey but the cost of the alternative may be far pricier still. 

It may also seem wacky but the principle really is a sound one in my view: working together, not apart, collaboratively not combatively. It won't be right for everyone of course but for those couples who do both want the same thing: a sensible dignified exit to their marriage: well, form an orderly queue at reception!