Here's a funny one. Bride Magazine, no less, publishing a great piece on the top ten tips for a successful marriage. From a divorce lawyer. 

Not as bonkers as it sounds actually. Asking a divorce lawyer what makes for a happy marriage is a bit like asking a doctor how to be healthy.

I've specialised in family law for over a quarter of a century now and often get asked for my views on why it is some couples just don't make it.

No two cases are alike, genuinely, but of course certain themes emerge...

I do think that some of the tips in this article are pretty good ones...although seriously not sure about the 'let your husband be a hero' one...but in the main I see communication as being key. Once good communication goes, or perhaps never starts in the first place, that really can be the beginning of the end.

As a mediator as well as divorce lawyer, what's really sad is that sometimes the first time a couple has a really good conversation in years is sitting round a table with me, discussing their divorce!

If this kind of article helps brides and grooms to watch out for a few pitfalls as they head towards their nuptials: job done, bravo!