Bit of a racy post here, but this article in Metro made me laugh and then ponder...If sex toys can be returned in the event of a marital break-up, I wonder what else could be?  A search of the internet reveals that divorce insurance is in fact available out there, with the premiums seemingly being calculated by the insured completing a 'how likely are you to divorce' survey online. Hmmm.  

The reality of a marital split does of course entail the ending of a variety of joint endeavours, family memberships, shared assets, joit policies. Part of the process of divorce will inevitably involve the separating of these, and allocation of new ownership. I've recently had experience where there are items that, even though the court would rarely entertain an argument over them, the couple have become locked into fierce and very expensive battle over it. Airmiles, the family dog and an african print wallhanging are just some of them. 

I'm hopeful that I won't be asked any time soon to address the court on the division of bedroom toys, but if I were then this product insurance may well come into its own.