Looking at the media across the pond, as many of us are at the moment, this article caught my attention. Hardly a legal or scientifically researched article on divorce, but nevertheless a rather good list of what not to do at the time of relationship breakdown. Running straight off to the tattoo parlour being one of them!

I see many clients, especially at this time of year, for a one-off information meeting, so that they can get their head straight, and the facts right, about what to do next.

Taking a decision to leave a relationship is an enormous one, and for many the thought of even taking the first steps is simply overwhelming. I often describe it as being like a plate of spaghetti. But if you can just get hold of one end of one piece of it, things start to get easier.

At those first meetings, I don't just cover specific legal advice, we talk about practicalities too. When shall I do it? Who should I tell? How should I tell? How can I fund it? Where will I go? What happens to the dog? Often, getting an idea of how the small details will be sorted out, actually helps free my clients up to focus on the big issues. It may be weeks, months or on occasions years, but my clients do almost always come back, having been able to make up their minds on what to do.

Hopefully not too many of them with new tattoos!