This Guardian article highlights once again what family lawyers will almost universally agree needs a change in the current law. Fault-based divorce or in other words, the need to apportion blame to one or other of the couple, no mater how amicable the split. After practising divorce law for over 25 years now, its clear to me that all that forcing people down the route of having to put down in writing the failings of faults of the other simply increases the cost and acrimony. It can even create hostility where there none existed before. 

According to this piece, some 40% of people no longer use lawyers for their divorce. I fully endorse this trend and often advise clients that they can save cost significantly by doing their paperwork online. For a straightforward divorce, using the government online forms can be a no-brainer. When it comes to sorting out the finances, however, representing yourself is a far less straightforward and much riskier route. Its essential in anything other than the most simple of financial splits to take really good advice as early on as possible. Keeping things amicable on the divorce itself, may certainly help when it comes to the financial negotiations.