Surrogacy in my mind raises one of the ultimate ethical dilemmas: does it represent what many regard as the ultimate right and evolutionary goal: the bearing of a child, or is it in fact the ultimate in female exploitation. It is a fact after all that the majority of women globally who carry surrogate babies are the poorest and least empowered in the world. India, having legalised commercial surrogacy fifteen years ago now has over 300 surrogacy clinics and is one of the largest providers of surrogate mothers in the world. This new bill, which threatens to ban foreigners, single parents and gay couples from using surrogacy services in India may be seen by some as long overdue. Others may feels that whilst it is clear a revision to the legislation is needed, what is being proposed ie a total ban, is far too draconian. Much greater regulation of the clinics may be a better solution. perhaps?  Certainly there will be many UK nationals who are considering parenthood via this route who may have an anxious wait as this bills is introduced later this year.

With surrogacy bans already in place in Thailand and Nepal, it seems clear that the odds of the bill going successfully through parliament seem high.