Its that time of year again when the media love to give us the statistics about the new year divorce frenzy.  They even call the first working day of the year "D-Day" ie Divorce Day, allegedly the day when we see more new divorce enquiries than at any other time of the year. Whilst its true that we can see new client numbers rising in January, we also see that in September, just after the long summer break. It seems that any unusually lengthy period of time together for a couple whose relationship is on the rocks can be enough to tip them towards an actual separation.

Happily, with more and more divorces never going near a courtroom, and with couples agreeing matters between themselves, through mediation and collaborative law, the 'conscious uncoupling' talked about by Gwyneth Paltrow last year can be a reality. Separation and divorce , although inevitably painful and a hugely life-changing , can be done in a civilised and non-acrimonious way if a couple are given great advice and support to see them through it.