Family lawyers will be delighted to learn that a drive towards no-fault divorce is once again on the cards via a significant new research project supported by Resolution. Back in the 90s we came really close to a change in the law, allowing couples to divorce without having to blame each other. Amid outcries of 'we can't make divorce too easy' (as if it ever is!) the new law was scrapped before implementation. The whole premise of 'fault' is based on the outdated notion of divorce being 'shameful' and the wronged party needing to prove their 'innocence'. Times have indeed changed: being an amicably divorced divorce lawyer myself, I smile when I recall sharing the news with my young son at the time. 'Why can't we call it 'getting demarried?' he asked me: 'divorce is a horrible word'. Ms Paltrow's 'conscious uncoupling' may have a great deal to commend it. Lets hope this research - when it arrives - gets the ear of the law-changers, and soon!